Why Choose Strategic Solutions?

In the internet business world, a web site is only as good as the network it's hosted on. Strategic Solutions is committed to simplifying the web for businesses by providing a broad range of web-based solutions that can be tailored to fit your specific needs today and in the future. Enabling you to design, host and grow your e-business through a single source eliminates many of the common pitfalls associated with using multiple outside vendors. Our web hosting services include the computer hardware, software, network technology, and systems management necessary to support our customers' web sites.

Rest Easy With Strategic Solutions Reliable Hosting

We have been hosting websites since 1996


  • Monitoring of your site: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Multiple connections to the internet backbone for uninterrupted bandwidth
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Reputable: Our IP's are never blacklisted which aids in email delivery and SEO efforts
  • Secure: Our network is compliant with all major security standards including HIPAA and PCI
  • Experience

    Strategic Solutions has been providing hosting services since 1996, extending our reach to clients in over 50 countries worldwide. With over a 95% client retention rate, 5,000 domains call us home. Strategic Solutions staff has unparalleled experience in this industry.

    Financial Security

    Strategic Solutions continues to offer clients a level of financial security unmatched by our peers and competitors. We are privately held, have no debt, and plan to stay that way. Throughout the growth of our company, we have relied on our experience in the technology arena to maintain discipline in our business which has kept us poised to succeed. With the demise of many other hosting providers, you can be rest assured that we are here today - and tomorrow - for our customers and we strive to continue building upon our strong position in the industry.


    Because Strategic Solutions is connected directly to eight of the largest backbone providers in the world, you can be assured your site will enjoy high availability and connection speeds world-wide. The equipment we use is all state of the art, name brand, and is always running load balanced to run at no more than 50% CPU utilization, memory usage and network throughput. This provides peace of mind - we worry about the servers and the internet connection for you. That leaves you with the ability to totally focus on the addition and management of your site content.


    Strategic Solutions has chosen to locate its network in the Reston, VA area based on the three rules of Real Estate, "Location, Location, Location". By basing our network in Reston, VA we are able to get superior access to the single largest entrance point on the internet, the MAE (Metropolitan Area East). Access from all over the Eastern United States is routed to this hub. Because of our location, we are anywhere from 2 to 5 hops closer to the internet backbone than local area providers.

    Although the internet has no beginning or end, its first point of access had to originate somewhere. Currently, this point is the MAE. The MAE and the internet itself was started as a Department of Defense initiative. It allowed nuclear war missile silo operators across the country to communicate with the Pentagon. The MAE was the central command for this project, so it was only natural that it grew into the commercial equivalent in today's modern day internet.


    Strategic Solutions data center has connections to many different internet backbones including UUNet/MCI, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, AT&T, Qwest, Level3, and Rackspace. Strategic Solutions accesses the MAE EAST via an OC48 connection, with redundant OC48 backups. We also peer with many of the smaller Tier One providers. In addition, Strategic Solutions has added a connection from its network directly into America Online�s main NOC in Reston, VA.

    By connecting to multiple backbones, Strategic Solutions data can be distributed through many sources. This architectural design also means that we are not dependent upon any single internet backbone. Thus when problems occur, we are able to reroute traffic automatically, thereby ensuring the integrity of our network and continued access for our clients.


    A superior network is only as good as the equipment it is run on. That is why we use Cisco routers and all of our hosting is done on state of the art Hewlett Packard ProLiant servers running Raid 5. All of our equipment is load balanced to run at no more than 50% capacity for CPU utilization, memory usage and network throughput. The data center is located in an undisclosed, secure, monitored facility equipped with video surveillance, a 24/7 security guard at the front door, and infrared intrusion detection systems. Access to the center is restricted to only authorized personnel and physical security provided by card key magnetic locks. Our security protocols make us compliant with all major security standards including HIPAA and PCI. The facility has a fully redundant power system with multiple generators, which offers a continuous power supply in the event of power outages. All hardware is stationed in a room with environmental monitoring systems for fire, air conditioning, water detection, and humidity control.

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