Mobile. The Next Frontier.

Mobile is at the core of all of the most important aspects of our lives - family, socialization, work, and business. People are spending more time on their mobile phones and tablets than ever before. This new world consists of terms like smartphones, SEO, responsive design, geolocate, and social marketing. Studies show that 1/2 of all local searches are performed on a mobile device. As a business you need to embrace these new types of consumers and the ways to best reach them through mobile websites and custom mobile apps.

Thinking of launching a Mobile App for iOS, Android, and/or Windows?

Strategic Solutions offers custom mobile app development for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android/Droid (phones and tablets), and Windows (phones, tablets, and computers). Our team of mobile app developers will help you define and design a custom mobile app that is tailored to suit your business needs while ensuring an optimal experience for your iOS, Android, and Windows phone and tablet users. Our mobile app designers start by reviewing your goals, evaluating user needs, developing a strategy, and mapping out a user experience that will result in a successful Mobile App for your business.


There's nothing new about the fact that traditional web sites designed to load on desktops are hard to navigate on mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones & tablets, and Windows phones & tablets. What's new, is that now is the time for you to finally do something about it.

Strategic Solutions has crafted innovations in our web design philosophy, conceived as a response to dynamic technological changes on the Internet affecting the way customers access web sites, the devices customers view web sites on, and how Google's algorithms reward web sites customized for mobile loading.

Strategic Solutions has introduced a robust set of modifications specifically designed to improve

  • Website usability
  • User experience
  • SEO placement on mobile devices.

As industry leaders with over 29 years experience in hosting, marketing, and web design in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, and the surrounding Lehigh Valley area, the web designers and web devleopers at Strategic Solutions are innovative in developing a "responsive mobile website design" that is uniquely fitted to your company's needs.

"Responsive web design" denotes a design approach that serves all devices using the same website, by simply adjusting how the webpage is rendered on a PC versus a tablet versus a smartphone. With a responsive website developed by Strategic Solutions, your company will have a mobile-friendly website with a consistent look and feel across all devices - phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

You can check out some of our mobile and responsive website examples to see the difference that having a mobile-friendly website can make to your viewers.


On Black Friday, 24% of purchases were made on mobile devices

2013 witnessed the first year customers used mobile devices (55%) more than desktops and laptops (45%) for retail purposes.

Most mobile purchases are actually made from the home or the office. 68% of mobile searches are done at home.

86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching TV or at work.


Statistical research and market analysis has determined an exponential increase in mobile phone and tablet browsing over the last year. Customers now use mobile devices, especially smartphones, as their browsing device of choice.

One-half of all local or "location-based" browsing world-wide is conducted via mobile devices.
Gives you the advantage over your competitors; most of which haven't leveraged the powerful benefits of mobile marketing. But don't sit on the sidelines... because they soon will and you don't want to be left behind.
"On the go" visitors can easily navigate your business and contact you with one-click calling, one-click email, instant directions or more.
Mobile-friendly websites have faster speeds, making the mobile visitor experience more pleasurable.
Mobile-friendly websites receive higher mobile search engine rankings. Google's Development team, as well as Yahoo!, Bing, and other prominent search engines, has conferred the status of "recommended configuration" to web sites using mobile web design, including mobile design sites in its list of best practices for 2014.

Bottom line... that means you will show up higher in the search engine results just because you have a mobile website.
90% of mobile
searches lead to
an action. Get a Quote

We live in a mobile society. Consumers all over the world, including Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA, and the Lehigh Valley, are using their mobile devices to discover new businesses and make their purchasing decisions. If you don't capitalize on this new behavior, you will quickly be surpassed by those who do. Most importantly, businesses that start preparing now will be the ones best capable of competing in this new mobile market as it continues to grow. Strategic Solutions' reputation for reliability, ingenuity, and cogent and practical business collaboration are among our proudest assets. Let us put your business ahead of the rest by placing you at your customer's fingertips with a repsonsive mobile web site or custom mobile app.


57% of mobile browsers would not recommend a business without a mobile website


41% of people frequently use their phones to browse for a product advertised on TV

One Third

1/3 of the world's population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches.


83% of consumers queried said they desired a seamless browsing experience across devices.